Opiate or Truth Serum? 

The challenges of Christianity in the secular age.

March 4th, 2017 at Calvary Lutheran Church in Wray, CO

Calvary Lutheran Church

A place of Grace in the heart of Wray

The 2017 Northeast Colorado Free Conference and Calvary Lutheran Church in Wray, CO, invite you to join us for our annual free conference.  We welcome Dr. Scott Keith as our plenary speaker for the day and special guest Dr. Rod Rosenbladt.  Dr. Keith will be delivering a series of lectures under the title, “Opiate or Truth Serum?  The Challenges of Christianity in the Secular Age”  He writes, “’Religion . . . is the opiate of the masses.’ This well-known quote attributed to Karl Marx illustrates a disturbing reality: too often religion merely makes people feel better about themselves. Thus, some say that religion is no more than a placebo, a deceptively ineffectual medicine, meant to fool the patient into having hope where no real hope exists. Sadly, this is largely true. Most religions are no more than opiates providing transient highs based on individual feelings rather than on verifiable, ultimate truths.

If theology underwent an epistemological metamorphosis by girding itself with verifiable facts, the game would change dramatically. What if the Truth, at a particular point in history, broke through the veil of our perpetual quest for the ultimate placebo and revealed Himself to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life? What if his existence, life, death, and resurrection were verifiable events that occurred in real time, real space, and real history? Would the “religion” he preached be a mere placebo? Or would it be the powerful medicine of the most-high God, literally erupting with certainty and power?

08:15-08:40       Registration
08:40-09:15       Matins
09:15-10:15       Session One: We All Believe Something But Not All Beliefs are Equal
10:15-10:30       Break
10:30-10:45       LCEF/Hispanic Missionary
10:45-11:45       Session Two:  How We Got Here-Relativism’s Undergirding
11:45-01:00       Working Lunch-Open mic with Dr. Rod Rosenbladt  (Free Will Offering)
01:00-02:00       Session Three:  Can Philosophy Help?
02:00-02:15       Break
02:15-03:15       Session Four:  Doing Theology in Light of What We Now Know—The TRUTH of Christianity
03:15-03:30       Q&A Closing Comments
03:30-04:00       Vespers
4:00                   Departure

Scott Keith is the Executive Director of 1517 The Legacy Project and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Irvine, where he has also served as Associate Dean of Students. He is a co-host of The Thinking Fellows Podcast and a Contributor to The Jagged Word, 1517 The Legacy Project, and Christ Hold Fast blogs. Dr. Keith is the author of Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s Grace. He earned his doctorate (Ph.D.) from Foundation House Oxford, under the sponsorship of the Graduate Theological Foundation, studying under Dr. James A. Nestingen. Dr. Keith’s research focused on the doctrine of good works in the writings of Philip Melanchthon. You can find out more about Dr. Keith by visiting: slkeith.com.

Cost:  Free

Come as we discuss these questions and reveal Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”